Online Marketing Basics

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Fundamentals of Online Marketing

When it comes to online marketing basics, every marketer knows that traffic is the lifeblood of every business. Without traffic, there can be no exposure, no sales, and no growth. However, some people get plenty of traffic but still can’t make sales.

Why is that? Because they can’t convert. If you can’t convert traffic into sales, you’re gaining exposure but not making any money. This may not be a bad thing if your objective is building a long term brand, but as we all know, cash is king. Without cash, you can’t operate a business and you can’t grow, and the cash burn will eventually put you out of business.

This shows us that traffic and conversions are the two most important aspects of online marketing and any business in general, which allows us to derive a simple formula we should all keep in mind:

Traffic + Conversions = Sales

With this formula in mind, beginning online marketers should keep the process as simple as possible by using proven sales funnels that are proven to convert, rather than creating one on your own without the experience or skills to do so. This can save you a lot of time and money in the beginning, because it can be very costly and time consuming to build and tweak a proven sales funnel. Having a proven sales funnel means that your only job will be driving traffic to your funnel, and once people enter your funnel, the conversions will take care of themselves. This can be as simple as directing potential customers to your affiliate link, and then receiving commissions after they buy the product.

This can solve the conversion part of the equation. As for the traffic part of the equation, there are numerous traffic generating options available for beginner marketers. Once you have mastered some of these traffic generating techniques, you will have a continuous supply of potential customers that are entering your sales funnel, and these potential customers will be converting at a high rate, which will help drive your business into the stratosphere!

Once you have mastered this formula, the possibilities are endless. You can build your own brand and have a vast audience to market your products and offers to. Most importantly, these skills translate to almost any kind of business, so you have a plethora of options of the kind of business you want to build.

online marketing basics

Online Marketing Mindset

Once you have a proven formula, next it all comes down to execution; and in order to execute, you must have the right mindset. Now this mindset is one that is difficult to maintain for most people, but it is a necessity to succeed in online marketing and entrepreneurship in general. This is a mindset that you’re going to do whatever it takes to succeed in this business, no matter the sacrifice or cost. Without this mindset, you will never be able to overcome all the challenges and failures that are an inevitable part of the journey. As with most things in life that are worth achieving, entrepreneurship is a journey that requires a serious commitment. Success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time and patience to overcome all the obstacles in the way. But once you overcome these challenges, the rewards can be unbelievable.

This type of mindset is difficult to achieve because it is emotionally uncomfortable and frustrating. Nobody likes to fail and experience painful losses, but this an unavoidable part of entrepreneurship. So the mindset of dedication at all cost is what separates those that survive the worst, walk through fire, and come out of the other side to achieve success from those that quit and give up before they even get a chance to realize their dreams. Business, like life, is often a numbers game. If you can’t stay around long enough to keep taking shots, you will miss all the opportunities to achieve your goals. Just understanding that the game isn’t easy is what the right mindset is all about. You have to understand that sometimes you’re going to get hit and knocked down, but that all these sacrifices are a prerequisite to success and they make success all that much sweeter when you finally arrive at your destination and realize your dreams.

Most people are not lucky or skilled enough to achieve success on their first shot, so failure and mistakes are inevitable. The key is being able to learn from your mistakes and failures and being able to constantly adjust to an ever-evolving market. These are the skill sets and mindsets necessary to survive and thrive in entrepreneurship.

In fact, almost every single successful entrepreneur has started from the same place and experienced adversity along the way. The fact that you are reading this means that you are showing the dedication and commitment to learn and strive to become successful. Once you have learned and developed the right skills, you still need to execute those skills to reach success.

And the one thing that separates those that fail and quit from those that make it is sheer persistence. Every successful entrepreneur has experienced hundreds and even thousands of failures, and somehow they still persist, never give up, and eventually succeed. This is because most people have the tendency to quit before they even have a chance to succeed. However, the persistent ones keep pounding away at the challenges until they’ve broken through every single obstacle and come out of the other side to reach their wildest dreams. They may be a bit battered and bruised from the journey, but every single sacrifice is worth it and makes success all that much sweeter.

So remember, execution requires persistence, and the greatest ideas and potential are worthless without execution. In the end, it’s all about executing, making mistakes, and learning from them until you have achieved your goals.



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