New Google Algorithm Update

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Is There A New Google Algorithm Update Being Implemented?

Recently, there has been chatter that there may be a new Google update, and that this potential algorithm update is causing sites to get hit. Specifically, there have been whispers that PBN links are being targeted by Google from a possible Penguin update. As usual, Google does not have any comment on this, but people are noticing some changes.

Some have noticed that links are taking longer to take effect. One observer cites a recent case study showing that out of 100 new sites that were built, 75 indexed in a few minutes, while 25 still have not taken yet. It seems the time frame for things may have been extended, which requires patience, as everything could be generally getting slower. There were also some existing sites that flat-out got deindexed, which may indicate some algorithmic update going on.

Here is a chart from Serpmetrics showing the fluctuations in rankings of 100 top sites. Maybe there is something going on here, as there has been a very sharp spike in ranking fluctuations.

However, the general consensus is that so far nothing drastic is occurring, just some out of the ordinary changes that may indicate broader changes in the system.